Collaboration among local businesses exemplifies the spirit of the Fort Collins community. Hearing about collaboration is like music to our ears at We Do Local. Not only because we see it as a vital component in helping each other thrive, but the result of these solid partnerships strengthen businesses and ties to their community. We love local; we love to see the “makers” represent each other knowing that because of their partnerships we get a fresh product of a higher caliber.

The spirit of collaboration runs strong with The Silver Grill Cafe where they source cheese, spirits, spices, coffee and beer from local makers. Heck, they even do a collaboration brew every fall with Odell Brewing Company named appropriately - CinnsationAle.

Lately, they have had extra fun concocting special drinks to add to their summer menu, using many of our local breweries, distilleries, and spice shops. Mixing up 26 traditional and unusual beverages (alcohol and non-alcoholic) plus offering craft beers is creating quite a buzz about breakfast or lunch at The Silver Grill. Check out some of these crazy good summer drinks and how the restaurant has collaborated with local makers on several ‘refreshers’ to up the game in patio drinks.

  • The Cinnamint Julep featuring Feisty Spirits bourbon, cinnamon syrup, seltzer and topped off with fresh lime and muddled mint.
  • A twist on the traditional root beer milkshake is the “Lugene’s Black Cow Milkshake” infused with Odell’s Lugene Milk Chocolate Stout, stout syrup, Walrus ice cream and topped with fresh caramel whipped cream.
  • A year-round favorite is the Cidermosa; using cider from Scrumpy’s Summit Hard Cider and infused with fresh juices
  • The ever refreshing Strawberry Mint Lemonade mixes vodka, fresh lime, muddled mint and of course, homemade lemonade.
  • Bushwacker Iced Latté is a Virgin Islands staple done in Silver Grill style. Two shots of dark roast espresso chilled and shaken with milk, Irish Cremé liqueur, coffee liqueur, rum, amaretto syrup then topped with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg.

From the “Summer Sips” selection, the Classic Quenchers are non-alcoholic and have gained notoriety for squeezing fresh into a drink any way possible.

  • Good ole lemonade from fresh squeezed lemons.
  • Strawberry Mint Lemonade mixes strawberry puree and mint blended with homemade lemonade.
  • The Peach Palmer uses fresh peach puree, fresh sun tea, and homemade lemonade.
  • Flavored Iced Coffee infuses a house dark roast from local coffee roaster Café Richesse that is slowly chilled, and shaken with any syrup served over ice.

Café Richesse coffee has long been the main go-to drink at The Silver Grill. But did you know Silver Grill has a full Espresso Bar? Served up iced or hot where you can mix syrups to customize your morning java fix. Enjoy a classic such as Cappuccino or try sipping on the Cafe Royale, which combines two espresso shots with brown sugar and vanilla, a splash of steamed milk, and a topping of foam.

Thirsty yet? Now that you have the low down on The Silver Grill's summer sippers, head over to make a toast to craft drinks, patios, cinnamon rolls and collaborations!